Gap-fill exercise / Rellenar huecos

Rellena los huecos y pulsa "Comprobar" para corregir tus respuestas. Si aparecen en negrita están bien. Si tu respuesta no es correcta pulsa en "Pista" o en el botón "[?] (aunque perderás puntos por pedirlas).


"My Pet Dog"

Hi there! Today, I to talk about my pet dog. name is Max, and he's a Golden Retriever. Max is very and friendly. He likes to play fetch with his ball and go for with me. He also loves to cuddle and my face. Max is very and protective of me, and I feel safe with around. I take good care of Max by him food, water, and exercise every day. Having a pet dog like Max is so fun!

"The Lion"

Today, I'm going to about the king of the , the lion. Lions are big, strong, and animals that live in Africa. They have a big mane of around their necks that makes them look very . Lions are predators, which they other animals for food. They usually hunt in groups prides, and the females do most of the hunting. Lions very important in the ecosystem because they to control the population of other animals. However, lions are also because of habitat loss and hunting. We need to protect majestic animals for future generations.

"The Dolphin"

In this listening, I want to talk about the dolphin. Dolphins are intelligent and playful mammals that live in oceans all the world. They are very social animals and often in groups called . Dolphins communicate with each other using sounds and language. They are also very fast swimmers and can jump of the water and do flips. People love to watch dolphins perform in or swim with them in the ocean. , we need to be careful not to harm dolphins their habitats. Let's protect these amazing !

"The Cow"

Today, we're going to talk about one of the most farm animals, the cow. Cows are big, gentle animals that provide us with milk, , and other products. They are usually on farms and are cared for farmers. Cows eat and other plants and need of water to stay . They also need exercise and from the weather. Cows are very important to because they provide with food and materials for and other . Let's be for these amazing animals!

"The Eagle"

Finally, let's talk about the eagle. Eagles are big, majestic of prey that live in many parts of the . They have talons and beaks that they use to and eat other animals. Eagles are also very good flying and can soar in the sky. They build their in trees or on cliffs and lay eggs in them. Eagles are important in many as symbols of strength and . However, eagles are also threatened by habitat and pollution. Let's do our part to protect these birds.